SnapLingo: The Future Of Doc-Scanner

When we think of scanner apps, document scanners are the first that come to mind. These are very useful tools for saving travel receipts, saving sketches or ideas scribbled on an envelope, or capturing notes from a whiteboard.

Here’s how they work:

Take a snapshot with your phone, edit and save the resulting scan. That’s it. No need for an expensive flatbed scanner or software for cropping and editing. You’ll be surprised at the speed and quality some of these apps can offer–and just how much time they’ll save you.

This may seem shocking, but unless you’re an accountant or archivist, you probably don’t need a traditional scanner—today’s smartphone scanning apps are simply that good. But after the ban of CamScanner, which was a China-based app, in India it was a bit tough to scan the documents. After spending hours researching many scanning apps and testing them, I’ve determined that my favourite is the lean and efficient SnapLingo (for Android). It’s dead simple to use, capable of beautiful scan quality, and equipped with excellent text-recognition capabilities. Best of all, it’s totally free. Three students of 3rd year from the Institute of Engineering and Management has developed this fantastic app which is a perfect replacement of apps like CamScanner with a lot more additional features.

SnapLingo is ad-free, compact (18MB) and highly compatible with a vast range of android versions (Starting from Android Version 5.0- Lollipop) document scanner app with lots of features and high security. It has guaranteed data security and offers password-protected pdf as well. SnapLingo is rated for all humans above the age of 3+, which is pretty evident that it is a user-friendly app.

Want to scan documents?

Want to extract text from any image?

Edit and save as doc/pdf?

Want to scan QR/Bar codes?

Want to save a number without typing all the 10 digits?

Want to locate a place from a signboard?

Want to translate?

Want to Search images to google?

SnapLingo comes as a package solution to all these problems.

It is released on the 8th of July,2020. It has 2000+ downloads in just 1 month after releasing on Google Play Store and has a high rating of 4.8 stars with hundreds of good reviews. Google Play Store Link (available for free): SnapLingo: Document + OCR + QR/Barcode Scanner - Apps on Google Play (


1. Android Version- 5.0+

2. 25MB of free ROM space

Permission required:

1. Camera- take pictures and videos

2. Storage- i. modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

      ii. read the contents of your USB storage. 

     iii. modify or delete the contents of your USB storage.

3. Other- i. have full network access

   ii. View network connections

   iii. prevent the phone from sleeping

   iv. Play Install Referrer API

   v. view Wi-Fi connections

   vi. receive data from the Internet

The features are listed below:

1. Scan documents with smart cropper and high-quality filters. Get a preview of each filter below in your screen.

2. Capture all the images you want to insert into your document at a go. Edit each and every page on your own accord. You can even save, delete or share each page individually before or after editing.

3. Rename your document as you wish. View all the pages of your document in a grid. Drag and rearrange them on your own accord.

4. Paint on any page, highlight any part with the colour you want, add text anywhere in a page you would like, erase the paint with an eraser. You can even undo or redo your work at any point.

5. Want to clean any part of your page you don't like. Don't worry, Snaplingo provides you with that feature too.

6. Add signature with date, auto page numbering, customize page size with a variety of options and also protect your important documents using passwords.

7. Share multiple images from other apps into Snaplingo, edit them and compile them into a PDF.

8. Share or delete multiple documents at a go. You can even merge two or more documents and edit them as you wish.

9. If you have edited your images, applied all settings and somehow forgot to create a PDF. Don’t worry, Snaplingo will keep your settings saved.

10. You can also import a PDF into Snaplingo. It will extract its pages and will allow you to customize them and compile them into another PDF.

11. Create PDFs of high quality yet low in size. View all your scanned PDFs in a single place. Share and delete them at your own will.

12. All your scanned PDFs will be stored in your personal device inside Snaplingo folder. So there is absolutely no compromise in security.

13. There is also a feature called OCR. You can extract texts from the images and either searches them in Google, translate them from English to any other language or locate them if they include any addresses.

14. You can scan QR codes using your camera or import any image from the gallery which contains a QR code and scan it directly. In addition to that, you can generate your own QR codes if you want.

A lot more new features are added in the recent update of 1.2.1 and the developers and working tirelessly to provide the best user experience and hoping for more new updates and features soon. Some of the recent add-ups are:

1. Paint on PDF, clean up stray marks

2. Add signature, date or text on PDF

3. Better cropping and many new filters

4.Create PDFs with auto page numbering, custom page size and password protection

5. QR/Bar code scanner + generator

6. OCR reader

7. Minor Bug Fixes

Developer Contact:

1. Website:

2. Email:

This app is a must use for every citizen of India. It has the amazing features as mentioned above and the most appreciated is this app is India’s own app which has perfectly replaced many document scanning apps with a lot more additional features. Go right now and download the app, give it a 5-star rating and leave a comment or suggestion that will help and motivate the developers to improve the product and provide the best out of it.

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